For more than half a century, we have delivered excellence, expertise and quality solutions for the needs of our customers through successful retail distribution. Our coverage spans the Kuwait retail universe in entirety, servicing the complete spectrum across the retail and food service channels. We have grown to become one of the largest privately held, professionally-managed FMCG distribution solution-provider, by upholding the same values since the very beginning. Being passionately committed to the people we serve - our partners; the brands associated with us and our retail collaborators. The backbone of our operations is our strong organisational structure with a highly engaged and experienced team.


Our roots go back to 1965 when WJ Towell with a very small team, commenced operations with an aim to bring quality food distribution solutions to Kuwait. Our leader had a greater vision that would bring together a network of diversified businesses to become a leading player in Kuwait. The businesses grew and so did our story.

We continued to grow and evolve through the mid-1980’s and the company was renamed as Al Bustan Al Khaleeji in 1989. Al Bustan Al Khaleeji is a subsidiary of Towell International Holdings.

The next two decades bore a witness to our burgeoning expansion.

The millennia of 2000 proved to be our deciding decade, where our growth moved into an exponential trajectory. We acquired distribution of many world-renowned brands and coupled it with our further penetration into the retail universe of Kuwait. Our position was thus consolidated as a leading distribution solution provider in the FMCG space.

We continue to rewrite retail history and advance our journey of growth and innovation with - Change being our competitive advantage.


We at BK are committed to building a sustainable and ethical organisational culture which is entrenched in our vision. It is our strong belief that all our stakeholders can derive full sustained value only if the business is rooted in our core values.

Our Vision
"Provide our partners BEST in class Distribution & Services while offering our consumers premium quality products, creating a healthy & competitive environment for our team to deliver sustainable growth to all the stakeholders”.

Our Core Values

Be Accountable:
We will be accountable and responsible for our actions. We will act with integrity having respect for our colleagues, customers, business partners and shareholders.
We will strive for excellence by being passionate in our endeavour to deliver quality and continuous improvement. We will use our collective knowledge to grow as individuals and as an organisation, enabling us to generate new ideas to ensure sustained success.
We will seek to ensure that the highest levels of customer service are consistently delivered. We are empowered and will act with speed and be passionate about exceeding expectations.
We are a committed team that values, respects and recognises every individual's contribution. We will utilise the knowledge of our people to encourage and develop leadership.


Bustan Khaleeji has been founded on the basic principles of integrity, accountability and transparency. Corporate governance is a way of life for us rather than a check mark on the compliance box. It not only forms an integral part of our core values but the ethical approach is deeply ingrained in our culture as an organisational paradigm.

We believe in partnership and alignment of business strategy with objectives of delivering the overall stakeholder value. A fundamental objective in this regard is maintaining a balance between the interests of employees and other stakeholders, while cultivating our organisation’s entrepreneurial drive. We have experienced the increased stakeholder engagement at all levels that has been generated by our strong internal controls.

Our complete coverage of the entire retail universe helps us manage risk effectively by teaming our strategies of decentralised business models and geographic diversification. We manage the challenge of robust governance in an ever-changing environment by adhering to the tenets of responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency.

We are entrepreneurial, adaptable, competitive and are continually guided by our philosophy that is driving performance along with accountability.

Toufiq Ahmed Sultan


In an ever-changing world, change is the only constant factor. Macroeconomic conditions change, so does the business cycle and the ceaselessly changing tastes & preferences of our consumers, translating into a material and continual impact on consumer demand patterns.

As a result, we need to constantly adapt and stay ahead of the curve in order to deliver the best solutions for our customers. We promote a culture that is proactive and entrepreneurial rather than reactive and bureaucratic. Our people and business models are adaptable and flexible, which in turn make our operations agile and responsive.

Regardless of the nature of market dynamics, our competitive position has become stronger every year, resulting in an increasing market share. This unwavering forward momentum is attributable to our depth of local knowledge, early identification of opportunities, independent decision making by our self-directed teams and our uncompromising pursuit for quality service with speed.

Year after year, we have constantly listened to our customers and transformed to support their needs. Every team has its own success story, but the common thread that runs across them all is ‘adaptation’. The true Spirit of Bustan Khaleeji is in the transparency of relationship with our valued consumers and business partners and our willingness to adapt to the changing business environment.

Mohammed Bin Sultan


The way we have structured our business model has helped us achieve consistent results over the past five decades across economic cycles. The key attributes to our success are the building blocks that our business is centred around.
Maximising fundamental intrinsic value for stakeholders and shareholders over time, we have always maintained that our partners and employees are the centre of our business strategies.

Differentiating through providing customized marketing and service solutions, helping us grow at higher than market growth rates.

A Focused and Diversified Portfolio. Over time, we have aimed at building a uniquely shaped dependable portfolio of world renowned brands which bring utmost value to our consumers, business partners, employees and shareholders.

Scalable Systems, institutionalising risk, control and operating systems that promote steadfast and effective execution.

Replicating the BK DNA. Empowering and training our talent pool has provided us with significant bandwidth to execute our growth plans. Our multi-cultural team has grown to over 15 nationalities, which makes it quite unique among our competitors.

Management excellence. A high calibre, high-performance management team with rich global experience is the driving force of our sustained growth.

Governance & Transparency. Effective management processes and a strong executive leadership constantly guiding us with our core tenets of Governance.

Over time, we are acquiring new strengths, organically by building synergies within our operations and inorganically by investing in and acquiring new capabilities that complement and enhance our existing businesses. Our food services and consumer agency divisions are continuing their strong growth trajectory and delivering consistent year on year growth. The vigour, grit and optimism of our talented multi-cultural team, is continually enabling us to skillfully explore and navigate more market opportunities. Our shared vision and culture of leadership are driving our business at every level, giving us a distinct competitive advantage, while maintaining relentless focus on our continued successful journey into the Future.

Gokul Thotikamath
General Manager


*Profiles below correspond to people from left to right

George Joseph, Food Service Head - With over 17 years of experience, George heads the Food Service division. He has played a vital role in revamping the division to cater the growing needs of the food service business in Kuwait and has turned around the Food Service business model by focusing on customized products and service solutions. These have delivered exceptional and consistent growth in the past years. With unique distribution depth across trade channels, BK provides our business partners a one stop distribution solution.

Ali Chehimi, Business Head - Ferrero - Ali is a seasoned professional with extensive experience of over 20 years in the FMCG industry. He has predominantly worked in the confectionery business across many markets in the Gulf region with over 10 years in Kuwait. He brings with him rich learnings & best practices from various markets to guide his division to overcome the challenges and succeed in a volatile market economy. He has been instrumental in driving the divisional strategy and has led the team to accomplish best in class distribution and visibility.

Hussain Qassimi, Business Head - Consumer Agencies - As BK’s Head of Consumer Agencies, Hussain drives the sales function representing some of the world-renowned brands. He and his team are responsible for ensuring the execution of the business plan while elevating the customer satisfaction and their experiences. He is a team player with extensive knowledge across key categories and has led the team and delivered business value through unprecedented growth.

Pankaj Bahri, Commercial Head - Pankaj drives and formulates winning strategies that enhance performance and ably guides the division heads to deliver consistent growth and financial objectives. He has over 25 years of experience in the FMCG industry of which 17 years were in the GCC markets in varied Senior positions. He has worked in multi-cultural, diversified and challenging environments and has a proven track record of turning around businesses.

Gokul Thotikamath, General Manager - As the General Manager, Gokul oversees BK’s businesses and drives growth through strategic planning. An FMCG professional with varied GCC experience, he possesses over 22 years of rich experience in Sales & Distribution management, with over 16 years in confectionery business. Prior to joining BK, he has served in key management positions in various companies and has gained wide ranging experience across all key categories.

Prejit Thangappan, Finance Head - Prejit heads the core function of finance and provides leadership and guidance to the finance team. He has an expertise in spearheading new projects, mergers & acquisitions and has handled multiple projects with impressive efficiency. With over 11 years of experience in GCC, Prejit brings in immense value to the organisation.

Jaigee John, Supply Chain Head - With over 20 years of relevant experience, Jaigee drives the key Supply Chain functions at BK. He is a specialist in this field and has worked with leading multi-national companies across the GCC and the sub-continent in this domain. Jaigee also brings in varied industry experience, ranging from FMCG retail and distribution to Automobiles.

Anup Nazareth, HR & Admin Manager - People are our greatest asset Anup has developed a strong team to manage this core function. He has been in charge of the HR functions and has helped BK to establish a strong and transparent HR policy placing employees first and providing them with a conducive environment to excel.

Hezen Sequeira, Trade Marketing Head - Hezen is the Trade Marketing Head, leading the brand and marketing function for the company. He brings with him an extensive experience in trade, brand and sales management of over 12 years. He is a seasoned industry professional backed by years of insightful experience in areas of business growth, new business development, client satisfaction and operations.

Nidal Yasin, IT Manager - BK has been on the forefront of adopting new technologies promoting increased efficiency and productivity. Nidal provides guidance to the IT department by formulating IT & system strategies. He is instrumental in automating various processes and has established a stable and robust reporting system across the departments, assisting the stakeholders to take timely decisions.


With over 50 years’ experience in the distribution of Food and Consumer products; we at BK have demonstrated extensive market insight and industry expertise. Our professional and experienced team is trained and equipped to meet the challenging demands of the industry.

A vital component of our success has been our ability to provide, high-quality retail and food service customised & Integrated Supply Chain solutions. We have transformed the Supply Chain Management into a critical business strategy based on collaborative partnerships, inventive thinking, and clubbed it with high-performance operational standards. Sales & Operation planning practices have enabled us to reach higher forecast accuracy with reduced inventory coverage and improved working capital.

We operate modernised Distribution Centers in Kuwait with over 10,000 square meters of storage space, meeting our target of delivering more than 1,500 products. BK is well equipped with various types of racking systems, material handling equipment’s and safety precautionary facilities, adding extra mileage to our distribution center. The ambient warehouse space is 7,500 square meters, encompassing in excess of 5,000 pallet locations thus delivering quality and hygienic products to our customers on a daily basis. This is one of the diversified facilities in Kuwait with adequate provision for the confectionery range. BK’s chilled & frozen warehouse capacity is over 1,000 square meters. Apart from the warehousing capabilities we have an in-house repacking facility to co-pack promotional products as per the requirement, providing an additional service to our business partners.

With a fleet strength of over 40 direct store delivery vehicles and 47 delivery trucks, covering more than 2300 sales points in Kuwait.We pride ourselves on providing full end-to-end supply chain solutions for all geographical areas of Kuwait covering Food Service, Retail, Key accounts, Co-operatives and Government Institutions. By implementing efficient routing planning we have enhanced on time delivery (OTIF) and improved space utilization. Meticulous planning and actions of our Supply Chain team has effectively enabled us to enhance the output and service levels to our customers.


BK represents a leading portfolio of renowned global brands in confectionery, snacks, beverages, frozen and canned food, and other fast-moving consumer goods in Kuwait.


Bustan Khaleeji is one of the leading FMCG distribution company in Kuwait . With over half a century of experience and proven track record of success, we are the preferred partner in Kuwait for many world-renowned brands. At BK, we are committed to what matters most: the success of our consumers, partners, employees and stakeholders.

There are many building blocks that help us deliver this success.

  • Our ability to grow the customer base is a key element of our strategy. Across segments, we provide a higher level of service and therefore create a higher value for the business partners and stakeholders. Our strategic differentiation lies in our ability to team up with our partners for cost efficiencies, speed to market and capitalise on business opportunities.
  • We have effectively managed, enhanced and multiplied our portfolio, providing the best in class sales and distribution services to world renowned brands.
  • We have constantly worked towards becoming industry leaders by driving innovation, customer friendly solutions and quality service delivery.
  • Our team are catalysts, who understand customer needs first-hand, provide access and insight into the consumer preferences and help our partners to channelise focus on areas which can provide wheels to the business growth.
  • Sustained investment in training and technology which has ensured high levels of service efficiency and quality.
These varied essentials work cohesively and help us reach new heights.

Our rich experience has enlightened us with the fact that while we have minimal control over the economy, we have absolute control over our response to the macro-opportunities and challenges.

We have continually taken action in the face of these challenges by sharpening our focus and amplifying our efforts to accelerate the delivery of value to our stakeholders and business partners. This has been a crucial factor in underpinning the integrity and efficiency of our company. We believe that each of the segments within the business has significant scope to grow and the opportunities are identified and driven by the respective leadership heads.


The ever-changing macroeconomic scenario, continued subpar global growth and shifting consumer consumption trends present many challenges for businesses to navigate. These challenges emphasise the need for the businesses to stand firm with a clear and focused strategy, while at the same time acting to swiftly adapt and remain relevant in times of such unprecedented and unforeseen change. Our evolving business strategy is helping us maintain sustainable growth during challenging times.

Enhancing Depth and Breadth – Collaboration with the right partners facilitates delivery of a broad range of service solutions for our customers. We have always retained our focus on the measured growth of our retail distribution footprint, supplying the right products and unlocking value in the market. Our company is structured into Strategic Business Units with dedicated front-end sales and merchandising structures to ensure that all our business partners are given an appropriate share of mind space and facilitates focus and channeled efforts on all agency portfolios.

Service Excellence – It is of paramount importance to us to develop enduring and mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers and deliver the best customer service experience in the industry.

Improving Efficiency through Innovation – We have constantly worked on improving internal processes, tools and using technology to deliver operational efficiency. Our strategic focus has been on implementing smart solutions rapidly through sharing of ideas and learnings across the businesses. In addition, the up-gradation, modernisation, and simplification of IT infrastructure has enabled us to take quick and timely decisions.

Investing in People - BK endeavours to be identified as an employer of choice. It has instituted programs designed to attract and retain an exceedingly skilled and motivated workforce. People are our greatest asset and we believe in growing together with our business partners. Our people and culture are real sources of our competitive advantage.

Enhancing our partner’s reputation – Working with a responsive team allows us to bring a wide range of service solutions for our customers’ needs. We offer custom solutions to our broad mix of partners. We value contributions of each market segment and believe in closely working with our valued customers to cater their business requirement.


A constellation of world-renowned premium confectionery, spreads, biscuits, snacks, beverages, culinary staples, frozen and canned food products distributed across the retail channels in Kuwait.


We have brought Kuwait closer to world-renowned premium confectionery & spreads, biscuits, snacks & beverages, culinary staples, frozen & canned food products for the past five decades. We have been one of the largest and leading FMCG distributors of the country, and have continued to add world-class consumer products to our portfolio. Today, our represented brands are found across all the retail channels in Kuwait which includes Coops, Key accounts, Self Service, Wholesale & Groceries.

Confectionery & Spreads

Families often start their morning on a sweet (or in some cases savoury) note with our spreads. During the day, we make the meals a little more interesting, a lot more delectable. Be it a gift of gesture or a celebration, our range of confectionery takes many shapes to fit any need or occasion. We carry world renowned premium brands and offer extensive products to brighten up your day. Among the many brands that we carry are Ferrero, Langnese, Haribo, Bon Bon Buddies, Gulyian, Jelly Bean Factory, Arcor and Muy Fresco.

Biscuits, Snacks & Beverages

This portfolio is what brightens a day. With a wide assortment of cookies and biscuits, tea-time definitely becomes more enjoyable. The lulls in the day can be countered by a visit to the pantry for a tasty snack. The sweetness of chocolate and candy can be balanced out by our range of savoury snacks. Our array of beverages is selected for their taste, benefits and calming effects. Brands that we carry include Bahlsen, Lorenz, Wonderful, Pirouline, Julie’s, Kupiec, Ocean Spray, KLF tender coconut water, Oxygizer among others.

Culinary Staples

The kitchen is often the heart of one’s home and evokes a mysterious magnetic attraction; family and friends all tend to congregate there. The food that is prepared there morphs it into the epicentre of the home. Our range of culinary staples is aimed at helping your kitchen retain this very essence and continue to be a place to enjoy good food with family and friends. Brands that we carry include Leisure, Nirmal, Nirapara, Kupiec, Steviana among others.

Frozen & Canned Foods

There are no better-known means of preserving food than by freezing. Rapid-freezing processes maintain nutritional quality of products without chemical preservatives and retain their high nutritional value. To answer why most homes are increasingly relying on frozen and canned food – it is so owing to its easy availability, added convenience, consistent quality, retention of its freshness and nutrients, stringent quality check and above all taste. We offer all products of Libby's, Augustin’s and many other premium brands.



Ferrero is a global privately owned company. The company has grown from a small Italian confectionery shop creating appealing products from local hazelnuts in its home town Alba in Italy to become one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in the world. It was founded in 1946 by Pietro Ferrero, a confectioner and small-time pastry maker who laid the groundwork for Nutella and famously added hazelnut to save money on chocolate. It is currently run by the third generation of Ferraros. It produces famous market-leading brands such as Nutella®, Tic Tac®, Ferrero Rocher®, Raffaello®, Kinder Surprise® and Kinder Bueno®. Ferrero has 73 consolidated subsidiaries, including 20 production plants around the world, of which 3 are Ferrero Social Enterprises in Africa and Asia, and 8 agricultural companies in Chile, Argentina, Georgia, South Africa, Australia, Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey. Ferrero products are present and sold in around 160 countries belonging to the international community. BK has been representing Ferrero for over 40 years in Kuwait and carries its full range of products.


GrupoArcor is an Argentine food company specialised in confectionery. Arcor was born on 5 July 1951 when a group of entrepreneurs, sons of Italian immigrants, opened the first candy factory in Arroyito, Córdoba Province. They decided to call it "ARCOR", a name made from the combination of the first two letters of the word ‘Arroyito’ and the first three of ‘Córdoba’. It specialises in the production of foodstuff, sugar and chocolate confectionery, cookies and ice cream. It develops leading brands in its 39 industrial plants throughout Latin America. The company exports its products to more than 120 countries in the 5 continents. Arcor Group Foodstuff Division participates in more than 12 categories, including jams and marmalades, fruit paste, sauces and canned tomatoes, tomato purees, canned vegetables, canned fish, beverages, mixes, polenta, dressings, oils and fruits, among others. BK represents the brand in Kuwait, offering the ‘Bon-o-Bon’ range of chocolate and wafers.


Sweet biscuits from Bahlsen stand for enjoyment and joie de vivre. Generations associate the name of Bahlsen with the pleasure of sweet biscuits. It is based in Hanover and was founded in July 1889 by Hermann Bahlsen as the ‘Hannoversche Cakesfabrik H. Bahlsen’. The unmistakable taste, consistently high quality and confidence in their products have made Bahlsen what it is today: a successful and modern family enterprise. With the two umbrella brands Bahlsen and Leibniz, Bahlsen is a supplier of sweet biscuits in Europe and also exports to more than 80 countries across the world. It aims to satisfy the demands of consumers and stay ahead of new trends whilst remaining true to its motto: “We sweeten your life!”. BK distributes its biscuits across Kuwait.

Bon Bon Buddies

Bon Bon Buddies is Europe’s No.1 licensed brand and character novelty confectionery group. Founded in 1993 in a South Wales village in United Kingdom, Bon Bon Buddies has grown steadily to establish 8 dedicated European sales and warehousing facilities in UK, France, Benelux, Germany, Spain, Nordics, Poland and the Czech Republic and further global distribution in Italy, Russia, China, UAE, Turkey and many other markets. Their experienced and innovative teams aim to create and deliver the most exciting and original products. Their licenses include an exciting portfolio of the world's most well-known and loved characters, including: Disney Princess, Fairies, Cars, Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Twilight, Spiderman, SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Littlest Pet Shop, The Smurfs, Dr Who, GLEE, Generator Rex, Phineas & Ferb, Moshi Monsters, Super Mario, Looney Tunes, ZingZillas and Gorjuss.


Guylian is world famous for its irresistible authentic Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells, artfully crafted with a blend of the finest dark, milk and white Belgian Chocolate and each filled with a luxuriously rich & creamy roasted hazelnut praliné filling. It was founded by Guy Foubert in 1958. The company takes its name from the combination of Foubert's first name with that of his wife, Liliane. It is currently a part of the Lotte group. Crafted and produced only in Belgium, Guylian Chocolates guarantee the ultimate chocolate experience that comes from a strict adherence to true old world artisanal craftsmanship and time-honoured Belgian chocolate-making techniques. Guylian presents offerings of luxurious gift boxes collections, premium Belgian chocolate bars, and indulgent filled chocolates - individually wrapped. BK has been representing these chocolates throughout the Kuwait market.


HARIBO is Europe’s largest and most successful manufacturer of sugar confectionery. The company’s name is an acronym and dates back to 1920 when it was founded by Johannes "Hans" Riegel, Sr. It is headquartered in Bonn and the name comes from an abbreviation of Hans Riegel, Bonn. From 15 manufacturing sites throughout the world, HARIBO exports its range of gums & jellies, soft & chewy, liquorice and marshmallow products to over 90 different countries. It is also known for its soft and chewy MAOAM products as well as the traditional liquorice Pontefract Cakes. BK’s association with HARIBO has consistently seen strong sales performances ahead of the total sugar confectionery market.

The Jelly Bean Factory

Established in 1998 by Father and Son team of Peter and Richard Cullen, from Ireland – “The Jelly Bean Factory®” is Europe’s leading producer of gourmet jelly beans. The company produces around 12 million gourmet Jelly Beans daily in 36 different flavours ranging from Passion Fruit to Pina Colada, Liquorice to Cinnamon in various innovative pack formats. Over 97% of all production is exported to over 50 countries worldwide and The Jelly Bean Factory® is the fastest growing brand of gourmet jelly beans in leading confectionery markets such as the UK. The Jelly Bean Factory has been part of Cloetta since May 2014. BK distributes its entire range throughout the Kuwait market.


Lesieur is a French agri- food company founded in 1908 and now a major player in the production and marketing of oils and sauces. The products of this brand are marketed by the company of the same name, which belongs to the group Saipol. The Saipol-Lesieur group is controlled by Avril, the Vegetable Oils and Proteins Financial Institution, in partnership with the international group Bunge, the world leader in oilseed processing. It has a full range of brands of oils that consist of Sunflower, Vegetables, Corn and Olive oils. These have won over the support of millions of consumers. BK carries its full range of oils in Kuwait.


Libby's is a USA based food company known for its canned food. The company was founded as Libby, in 1875 as Libby, McNeill & Libby in Chicago, Illinois, by Archibald McNeill and the brothers Arthur and Charles Libby. Its brand is well known for quality products with a long US tradition. Its products are found not only in most homes in the USA but also in many countries around the world. Libby's powerful portfolio of products include: Juices, Nectars, Frozen Vegetables, Canned Vegetables, Fruits, Tropical Fruit, Canned Meat, Ketchup, Tomato Products, Frozen Fruits, Condiments, Canned Fruit, Pumpkin, Chilli, and Sausages. BK has been distributing Libby’s products for Kuwait since 2010.

Lorenz Snack-World

Lorenz Snack-World is a German independent family-owned company which counts among the leading players in the European snack market. It was founded in 1999 as an independent company, however its origins are with the Bahlsen company (which was founded in 1889) with their savoury snacks becoming popular around the 1920s. It produces and distributes chips, pretzel sticks, extruders, crackers and nuts in over 80 countries across the world. Its range constitutes of Saltletts, Curly, Crunchips, Naturals, Monster Munch and all the other snacks from their assortment. BK has been representing Lorenz over two decades.

The Wonderful Company

The Wonderful Company LLC, formerly known as Roll Global, is a private corporation based in Los Angeles, California. Among the company’s many business divisions, it also processes and markets Wonderful Pistachios and Wonderful Almonds. Wonderful Pistachios and Wonderful Almonds are tasty, convenient snacks that are healthy. These are grown at the company’s orchards and are free of genetic modification. These are offered in a family of flavours and sodium options. With 33% of the world’s pistachio production, Wonderful is the world’s largest pistachio producer. BK distributes them in Kuwait.


The history of Langnese Honig, a company with long-standing tradition, began in 1925 with young importer Karl Rolf Seyferth purchasing 5,000 kg of California honey at the Hamburg Exchange. Against all expectations – and after some initial setbacks – business began to flourish and demand increased. What began as an impulsive act at the Exchange, developed into a flourishing honey trade after only two years. In 1985, the very first Finest Honey Specialties were introduced: five different kinds of honey for up-market gourmets. ‟Flotte Biene” (Bee Easy) was first introduced in 1997. Children, especially, love this natural honey which comes in an innovative and practical dispenser. In 1998, a new company building with a state-of-the-art filling and packaging plant was built in Bargteheide, Germany in order to handle the sharp increase in sales. Today, Langnese Honey remains Germany’s best known and most-loved natural honey, and the likable brand has not lost any of its original vitality or aura. Its current range includes various flavours of Pure Bee Honey, "Flotte Biene", Black Forest Honey and Royal Jelly. BK is bringing these flavours to Kuwait.


K.K.R Karnan established K.K.R Mills in 1976 which has since transformed into the Nirapara Brand, a name synonymous with quality food for millions of consumers around the world. A venture which started out with traditional methods of boiling, sun drying and milling has grown into one of the most modern rice processing houses in India with the latest world-class technology. Today all the factories coming under the umbrella of the brand name “NIRAPARA”, ensure that their products meet the most stringent quality and hygiene standards. Its products are exported to Asia, Europe, Australia and America. KKR Food Products, started in October 2002, introduced a wide range of food products into the market under the “NIRAPARA” brand umbrella. The brand offers numerous products other than rice, from whole spices to masala powders, vegetables to pickles, which are nutritionally rich and full of nature’s goodness. BK represents Nirapara in Kuwait.


With a history of more than 75 years in the industry, KLF is among the top selling brands of coconut oil in India. It was founded by K.L. Francis. Adhering to the highest quality parameters from copra procurement through processing to packaging, KLF is synonymous with what’s pure, wholesome and healthy in coconut oils. Its product range includes Nirmal Clear coconut oil, Nirmal virgin coconut oil, KLF Coconad, KLF Tilnad, Cocodaily and Cocosoft. Its flagship brand Nirmal Clear coconut oil is a rich and pure coconut oil enriched with Vitamin E. BK brings these products to Kuwait.


SPRL Van Cleemput et Fils is a family business established in Belgium in 1977, bringing together three generations of Cleemputs. It developed the distribution of Belgian food and delicacies, such as ‘Les gaufres d’Augustin’, Liège pre-packaged waffles and ready-to-cook frozen dough, produced in Membach (Eupen), Belgium. These quality products are manufactured according to Belgian traditions, to get the taste and flavours of authentic Liège waffles; pearl sugar, vanilla flavour, with or without cocoa fantasy. The waffles come in various sizes, packaged individually, in boxes of four pieces, packs of five pieces, or countertops of 18 pieces.


As the baker of Pirouline rolled wafers, the DeBeukelaer Corporation traces back 150 years of heritage, knowledge, and skill to Belgium. The DeBeukelaer family started making biscuits in Belgium in 1860. Peter DeBeukelaer, a descendant of the original founders in Belgium, founded the DeBeukelaer Corporation in 1984, when he established a cookie factory in Madison, Mississippi. Now operating out of USA, its bakers still follow the same critical standards and traditions of its forefathers. With all that history behind the name, when the DeBeukelaer name is put on the package, there is an associated promise that it will be delicious and consistent every time. The product bouquet includes Crème de Pirouline®Rolled Wafers, Pirouluxe® Rolled Butter Wafer, Pirouline Twists® Caramelised Puffed Pastry and Piroucrisp® Caramelised Biscuits. BK is associated with the distribution of the Pirouline brand for Kuwait.


The brand “Julie’s” has been in the Malaysian market since 1985. Since then, “Julie’s” has built its reputation to become a household brand name known for quality and tasty biscuits in many Asia-Pacific regions. Some of their well-known signature products include Peanut Butter Sandwich, Golden Crackers, and Love Letters. Their biscuits have been enjoyed in over 75 countries and BK brings these to Kuwait.


Kupiec is among the major healthy food manufacturers in Poland, operating in the market since 1987. The majority of the products offered fit into the healthy eating pyramid and are widely used in dietetics. As the company is a propagator of the idea of healthy food, its products contain only natural elements, and meet the highest quality standards, with particular emphasis on their health safety. Its product portfolio includes rice, groats, legumes, breakfast products (muesli, oatmeal, brans, flakes), crispy bread, gluten-free products and other culinary staples (powdered sugar, corn flour, breadcrumbs and potato flour). BK brings to Kuwait, the best of their range.

Magic Chef

Magic Chef provides a delectable line of condiments and other culinary staples. Its versatile collection offers the choicest salad dressing and various sauces such as chunky blue cheese dressing, balsamic vinegar dressing, yellow mustard, Italian salad dressing, Caesar dressing, ranch salad dressing, buffalo wing sauce, barbeque sauces amongst others. The range also includes pizza sauces, syrups and culinary staples such as canola oil, vinegar and apple cider vinegar. It is the preferred choice as it is easy to use and helps enhance the flavour of the dishes. These have proved to be lip-smacking additions to one’s kitchen. BK brings these flavours to Kuwait.

Muy Fresco

Muy Fresco® is AFP‘s authentic and versatile cheese sauces that makes ordinary dishes extraordinary. Its aseptically packaged cheese sauces are perfect for nachos, chips, hot dogs, fries, pretzels, burgers and Philly-style cheese steaks. They also take sides like steamed vegetables and baked potatoes from ordinary to extraordinary. As one of the leading cheese sauce manufacturers, AFP provides distinctly delicious cheese sauces that are perfect to jazz up existing menu items. Customers can experience various flavours of cheese sauces in an array of convenient, shelf-stable formats. These are cheddar, aged cheddar, sharp cheddar, jalapeño, nacho, queso blanco, mild cheddar, monterey jack and salsa con queso. They have partnered with BK to delight Kuwait with these extraordinary flavours.

Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray was formed in 1930, in Hanson, Massachusetts, USA by three cranberry growers who wanted to expand their market. They began by coming up with new and innovative products made from cranberries. Since then, the Ocean Spray cooperative has grown to more than 700 grower families all across North America. The cooperative’s first product was jellied cranberry sauce, followed by original Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail hitting the shelves in the early 1930s, beginning a long tradition of quality, innovation, and success. Its current range of products comprises of juices & drinks, Craisins® dried cranberries, sauces, fresh fruit and innovative products such as mocktails, PACt® cranberry extract water and fruit infusions. Select products from this range are distributed by BK.


Oxygizer® is mineral water that is enriched with approx. 150 mg pure oxygen per litre. Pure mineral water from "Three Peaks Nature Park" - Conservation Reserve, Italian Dolomites/Italy, is bottled along with added oxygen. It is non-carbonated, sugar-free, low in sodium and high in natural calcium and magnesium. Additionally there are no artificial colours or flavours and its glass bottle ensures that no oxygen can escape. It improves performance measurably during periods of high physical stress and the resulting regeneration phase. This revolutionary product was founded by Martin Pupp. BK has acquired its distribution for Kuwait.


Steviana is a calorie-free, all natural alternative to sugar, which is derived from the stevia plant - a small shrub grown largely in Latin America that has been used for centuries by the indigenous population to sweeten their food and drink. It doesn’t contain Aspartame or Saccharin. The taste of tea or coffee remains unchanged as it doesn’t give an aftertaste of bitterness like the other sweeteners. It is a popular choice as an ingredient in the preparation of sweets and desserts as it handles high temperatures up to 200 degree Celsius. Not only is Steviana calorie free and so can play a great role in weight loss, but it is also suitable for diabetics as it doesn't affect blood glucose levels. BK is distributing Steviana’s various pack sizes in Kuwait.


Food is a central part of everyday life and just like gathering around the table to share a meal, it brings us together. We understand your love and passion for food and know that when you are creating menus, the one thing which matters the most is the taste of the food. Sharing this love and passion of yours we are committed to bring you the very best for your kitchen.

Our constant endeavour is bringing to you, world-renowned, quality brands curated for your specific needs and building a strong network that equips us to get these unique ingredients of the world under one roof. Our association with these premium products has carved leadership positions for them in their respective market segments. We have carefully selected our portfolio mix by focusing on flavours that you would want to create, be it the choicest kitchen staples, succulent meats, exotic fruits and vegetables or luscious indulgences. By staying updated on the latest trends in the market, our expert food service team industriously works towards ensuring that the best culinary staples as well as speciality foods, journey to your pantry.

We source only the finest products the world has to offer, ranging from boutique ingredients, finest cheeses, seafood and meats, premium condiments in addition to your culinary staples. You can have a hint of the flavour of our various segments here.


    Essential StaplesWe are committed to keeping your kitchen running smoothly. Our range of products includes all of your culinary essentials, the building blocks of your gastronomical creations. From different kinds of rice, flours, cereals, grains, pulses, rice powder, spices, liquid eggs, other condiments, high-grade dairy products like butter, various kinds of cheese, whipping cream, milk powder to oils & fats, all types of shortenings, margarine, different blended butters and cocoa butter; our curated range of products offers it all. Our selection provides the ultimate choice, all at a great value. Your search for a traditional favourite or something special ends with us. Our shelves are laden with numerous options, just for you.


    Everyday FavoritesWe have you covered for all those products you need day to day. Our range includes products from around the world to bring you the most delectable choices throughout the seasons. We understand your requirements of quality ingredients, from the basic to the exotic, to create exceptional dishes and hence our selection includes items that meet your high standards of range and quality. The fruits and vegetables are carefully curated for flavour as the rapid freezing method ensures that their nutritive value is retained. The grocery products we offer include cooking sauces, frozen products, choicest condiments, mustard, vinegar, pasta, peppers, appetisers, snacking choices, spreads, dips, breakfast condiments, juices, stevia/ sugar-free, bakery products among others.

    Fish and MeatsWe offer a great selection of numerous succulent fish and meat products that have a distinctive taste, nutritional value, purity and suit any meal occasion. Our seafood and meat products are trusted by all for its high quality, consistency and value. Choice can be made from a large array of products available in assorted forms such as cooked, smoked, frozen, sliced or cubed. We cater for versatile and ever evolving menus and endeavour to curate a range that fulfils these needs. Our seafood range has it all as we offer a vast range of frozen, smoked, fried and marinated seafood items. We have an exclusive range of seafood products that include shrimps, crabs, mussels, squids, lobsters, in addition to a full range of various fish. Our portfolio also boast of the Oriental seafood collection. The beef range with us is unrivalled as it has portioned steaks to everyday products like pastrami, pepperoni and salami. Chicken, along with turkey, is considered to be one of the healthiest meats. Our selection has everything you need, from various chicken cuts, turkey breast, calibrated options to everyday chicken breast. We also offer various options in cooked meats in forms of mortadella, salami, bacon, sausage, burgers amongst others. This is just a small snippet of our extensive range of product offerings.


    Premium SelectionsWe have carefully and discerningly handpicked products for creating an incomparable range guaranteed to make your offerings stand out from the crowd. These include a boutique range of finest cheeses, gourmet baked goods, indulgent chocolates, refreshing beverages, aromatic vinegars, rich honey, and other epicurean delights. All our products bear the hallmark of quality, which makes them a popular albeit exclusive choice for worldwide customers. In addition to our curated range, our team is also adept at sourcing any premium product that you so desire for your kitchen.


    Catering ServicesSupplementing our range of food service products, we also offer an extensive range of catering supplies. These will arrive with your other orders and ensure that you never run out of the essentials to keep your kitchen going. Our supplies range includes products such as film & paper products and environmentally-friendly waste disposal bags. We wish to provide you with the convenience of a one-stop solution and are devoted to working towards it.

As a chef or restaurateur, you routinely transform these ingredients into an experience for your customers. We value your continued patronage and would appreciate your views on how we can enhance this experience for you.
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BK's core tenet of business is exceeding our customers' expectations and we do that by using the latest technologies, keeping our ear to the ground and improving operational efficiencies. Our team has internalised that our success arises out of our customers' success and they stop at nothing to make it happen. Our people use their initiative to deliver the required results and teams are held accountable and rewarded accordingly. It is of utmost significance to us that we provide opportunities for inclusive growth and help develop a mindset of success. Our decentralised business model is instituted in our proven ability to attract, retain, nurture and cultivate self-motivated people who make an optimal use of the autonomy that BK provides to them. A concrete foundation for sound governance is provided by an appropriate structure that secures the talent and energy needed for continual growth. This is indeed an exciting time to join us and our extraordinary community of employees! If you would like to be a part of the team, please keep watching this space and we would be inviting applications as and when positions are open.



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